Our Services

NSG Plumbing has developed a work structure offering a complete service to our customers.

Our services include:
  • Project budgets
  • Hydraulic design
  • Hydraulic construction
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Design and construct
  • Value engineering
  • Hydraulic installation audit service
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Specialised hydraulic systems.
We maintain work procedures to ensure project success:
  • Certified Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.
  • Comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Management System including an active committee.
  • Quality Assurance System.
  • Warranty and Certification Manuals.
  • Complete Asbuilt drawings.
  • Commissioning and testing procedures.
  • Staff training and skills development programs.
Syphonic Stormwater Drainage
  • Reduced downpipes and in-ground drainage.
  • Reduced roof outlets
  • Smaller pipe dimensions.
Alternate solutions
  • Multiple levels of fixture and tapware specifications
  • Unique quality finishes and style settings
  • Exclusive access to product diversity and purchasing agreements
  • In-house prototype facility for specific projects & coordination.
Design and documentation
  • Complete hydraulic calculation and drawing facilities.
  • Service Coordination and design resolution procedures.